Welcome to RimVets

ROTW Veterans’ Outreach is a 501(c)(19) organization that works with the community and local organizations to gather shareable resources for veterans/families in need or crisis. NO DUES for vets. Camaraderie doesn't end when we get out.


Who We Are

Rim of the World Veterans Outreach is a local network of military veterans and their families in our local communities on The Rim. Some veterans may not be able to afford dues in these tough times and we strive to remain a NO DUES organization so not to alienate those who need their family the most.

RimVets aims to bring together military veterans on the mountain, whether a veteran has an affiliation to other wonderful veterans’ organizations or not, whether a veteran has deployed or not, is poor or well off, in a home or at risk of homelessness. We are brothers and sisters from all branches of service, all walks of life and we have a camaraderie that doesn’t stop when we get discharged.

We look to our communities to help us build a network of resources, to help those who have served to cope with the stressors and traumas from service and life. A goal is to have vets and resources available in every mountain community so that, when a veteran falls on tough times or has a crisis, they can call on their family of veterans.

The veteran suicide problem is real. We can’t let our family members feel like they are alone. We’ve been thru so much TOGETHER. There is NO sense in stopping this camaraderie just because we’re no longer in the military. If you are a veteran who lives, owns, or works up the mountain, from Upper Waterman Canyon to SugarLoaf, please join us.

If you are a community member or organization who wishes to share any resources or assistance, we would be most grateful if you’d join our support network by clicking the button below.

admin@RimVets.org or call/text Ernie Poulin, (USAF) 818-590-3007 or Doc Bennett (USN/FMF) 760-669-4727. 501(c)(19).
RimVets, PO Box 8297, GVL, CA 92341